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Welcome to Mrs. Villa's 6th Grade Website

*Please purchase an expo marker for Math class.  Thanks!:)

Announcements Math:

Math Games & Practice -
Study Island - students can go to Study Island and click on math topics of their choice to improve math scores.  If students receive 10 Blue Ribbons by Decmber 15, 2017 they can participate in Movie Day in Math.

Weighted Grading for Math: Tests - 35%, Homework & Quizzes - 65%

*If  a TEST is scheduled, but we are out due to inclement weather it WILL be administered the FIRST DAY  we return to school.  Use the extra time to study! *

*20 point deduction for all LATE ASSIGNMENTS!!!:)*

*Bring your dry-erase marker to class EVERYDAY. :) *

*Get your planner signed on TEST day for 2 EXTRA CREDIT POINTS!*

* Get your TEST signed for 5 EXTRA CREDIT POINTS! *

* Fill out your planner weekly for 5 EXTRA CREDIT POINTS!*




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