Ideas for addressing concern #1
"How can I help my child make better grades?"
1. Check your child's planner for homework assignments and test dates           
2. Check  teacher's web pages for homework assignments an test dates as well as notes from the teacher

3. Sign up for Parent Connect on our web page to be informed of your child's grades

4. Sign your child up for tutoring if needed. Tutoring is offered usually after the 1st six weeks. There are teachers designated to help every morning and every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday in the afternoon.

5. Ask your child about assignments and make sure he/she has the supplies to complete the projects assigned.

6. Offer support - walk them through one or two problems or if you are like me and are challenged by 7th and  8th grade math find someone who can help explain how to work out a problem or relearn the steps of a math problem by looking at examples in their math book.  I sometimes have them explain how to do a problem, this can reinforce their learning by having them teach someone else.

7. Praise your child on any improvement whether  they have kept their binder neat or they have brought their planner home. I know sometimes we have to search far and wide to find that little compliment but I have found that it is the only thing that penetrates the deafness that occurs when our children go through puberty. (My husband still has it)

8. Team with teachers- they want your children to do well in class. If we all work together we stand a better chance of succeeding.