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Welcome to Mrs. Frazier's
Keyboarding/Computer Technology Class
6th, 7th, and 8th Grades

"A skill that lasts a lifetime!"


Course Description
The student will develop skills in operating a keyboard by touch with emphasis on entering the alphabet, numbers, and symbols with proper technique.  Emphasis is placed on the following:  mastery of the keyboard with desirable keyboarding techniques; development of speed and accuracy; basic problem-solving applictions.  Keyboarding is the foundation for developing entry-level skills for business (and other) careers.

(A computerized workstation with dedicated software for each student will be available.)

State Standards
1.0  The student will operate and maintain the workstation.
1.1  Interpret computer and keyboarding terminology.
1.2  Manage the computer system and related software.
1.3  Demonstrate appropriate lab safety skills.

2.0  The student will operate the alphabetic, numeric, and symbol keyboard using the touch system.
2.1  Demonstrate correct body and hand position for keyboarding.
2.2  Apply the touch system to develop keyboarding skills using the alphabetic, numeric, and symbol keys.
2.3  Observe a demonstration on voice input.

3.0  The student will format simple documents (letters, reports, articles).
3.1  Key documents applying formatting functions for setting margins, tabs, and paragraph spacing.              
3.2  Demonstrate proper keying and formatting technique for simple letters, reports, and articles.
3.3  The student will apply typography guidelines.
3.4  Explore the gathering of information using a variety of electronic resources, including but not limited to the Internet.

4.0  The student will apply standard rules of spelling, puncutation, grammar, and capitalization.
4.1  Demonstrate proper keying and formatting technique for written communications.
4.2  Compose and proofread documents for accuracy, content, grammar, spelling, and punctuation.

As your teacher, I will:
1.  Guide you with enthusiasm
2.  Listen actively
3.  Encourage you to use your strengths
4.  Support you in your learning
5.  Give you the tools for success
6.  Allow learning through success and mistakes
7.  Let you know I care
8.  Give you opportunities to be challenged

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